When in Vegas, how do you plan to be entertained?

It’s time to explore an alternative.

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Exotic Dancers and Private Strippers

Rather than going into the bustling strip clubs where people are waving cash around to get the attention of one of the sexy dancers, private strippers provide a fun and exciting alternative.

Trying to figure out where to hire strippers?

Let us take care of that for you. We’ve got the hottest entertainment you can get your hands on. Forget about the drama, the cover charges, and the strangers sitting uncomfortably close to you. Whether you’re looking to have dancers entertain you or you and all of your friends, we’ll have you covered.

Right about now, you’re asking yourself how much do strippers cost, right? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Private strippers are more affordable than you might think – and we have some stellar prices and packages for you to take advantage of.

Bachelor Parties

Let’s be honest. One of the reasons why you wanted to host a bachelor party in Vegas is for the strippers. Las Vegas bachelor party strippers will know how to take good care of the groom-to-be and everyone else at the party, too. You can have as many strippers as you want without having to pay the expensive fees that are charged by the strip clubs.

You can have everyone stay in a suite in your favorite hotel/resort. Then, you take advantage of adult room service. The strippers will come right into your room where they’ll dance and strip until your heart is content.

Bachelor parties are going to be more memorable when they’re on your terms. Invite more people without having to figure out how much it’s going to cost. Ensure that everyone gets a lap dance. More importantly, hand choose the girls who will be dancing for you during the party.

Everyone can crash in your hotel room, so you won’t have to worry about the age-old question of who the designated driver is going to be. Have fun in a more sophisticated way with our in-room Vegas strippers!

Deals and Discounts

While some of the top strip clubs in Vegas will offer coupons and discounts to lure you into the clubs, they can still be quite expensive. You’ll have to pay for the alcohol at the bar prices and you’ll have to pay for each and every lap dance that you request. And, if you want inside of the VIP/champagne room, plan on spending a significant amount of money.

Booking Las Vegas girls to your room is considerably cheaper. The girls will provide all of the entertainment that you want and you won’t have to pay for dances individually. Additionally, you can set up a bar inside of your hotel room at a fraction of what it could cost at a strip club in Vegas.

The benefits of in-room strippers are numerous:

  • Save on your bar tab
  • Save on transportation
  • Enjoy private entertainment
  • Choose the girls you want to be entertained by

Hire Strippers Legally

There are legal ways to hire Las Vegas hotel strippers – and it starts by going through a reputable company like ours.

You decide what kind of entertainment you want, when, and for how long. You can choose to hire one, two, or more girls to provide you with a private show or entertain an entire group of you.

Be forward about what you want to happen. This will allow us to pair you with the right strippers from our pool of the top entertainers in Vegas. It also ensures that you don’t insult any of the strippers by asking for something that they don’t want to provide.

By working with a reputable company, you get high-class entertainment while staying legal.


What can I do with Las Vegas strippers?

The possibilities are seemingly endless in terms of what you can do with the strippers that show up to your Vegas hotel room. Let them dance and strip down to nothing, ask them for a lap dance, ask for anything you would at the strip club.

How do I tip my adult entertainer?

You can tip your adult entertainer throughout the evening. It is a way to show her that you are enjoying yourself to the fullest. She will know how to proceed based on your active participation. How much should you tip? You can choose to give her a percentage of what the experience cost you – or you can choose to tip higher based on all that she provided for you. Remember – this isn’t optional. Your entertainer is depending on these tips and is showing off her talent for your benefit.

Is it legal to hire strippers?

Absolutely! Throughout Nevada, you are able to hire strippers as long as you don’t proposition them for sex. Especially in Clark County, prostitution is illegal – and asking for sex is a criminal offense. If you want to take it one step further, to hire Vegas strippers, be sure you’re working with a legitimate company that has their outcall license. It will ensure you have the entertainment you want without any legal issues to worry about.

Can I bring a private stripper with me to the strip clubs?

Absolutely! In fact, it is highly encouraged because the strippers at strip clubs know fellow strippers when they see them. This can lead to a more impressive experience for you, complete with more attention from all of the dancers on stage and walking around. Strippers will flirt with strippers and bring you into the action.

Book Now!

The moment you know that you’re headed to Las Vegas, be sure that you consider how you’re going to stay entertained. Book private strippers in Vegas now so that you have in-room entertainment as well as arm candy as you hit your favorite strip clubs.

We’ll walk you through the steps and ensure that you have an experience with Las Vegas strippers that you will never forget.

You deserve to have a great time, and when you book with our Vegas hotel strippers, you’ll have the best possible time that you can have – all from the comfort of your hotel room, whether it’s located on The Strip or off.

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